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Fall 2018 Coed Mondays Softball

First Place Trophy

Fall 2018 Coed Mondays Softball

  Bat Intentions

Nail Biter Championship Game!
Bat Intentions Stave Off Base Invaders

On a cold night in November and trailing the whole game, Bat Intentions came alive in the 7th inning scoring several runs to defeat Base Invaders with a score of 18-17. There were some great hits, some fantastic dives, and plenty of excitement!

All the players are looking forward to the Winter 2019 Softball League.

A special thanks to Carolina Ale House for being a generous sponsor of this league.

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Second Place Trophy

Fall 2018 Coed Mondays Softball
Second Place

Base Invaders

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  Bat Intentions
6 1 2 33 101 68
  Base Invaders
5 4 0 -5 95 100
3   Baby Got Bats 4 4 0 -3 67 70
4   BGC Eagles 3 4 2 8 86 78
5   Bomb Squad 2 7 0 -33 73 106
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