Kickball Standings

Winter 2019 Coed Sunday Funday Kickball

First Place Trophy

Coed 10s Kickball

  Sir Kix a lot

Sir Kix a Lot Champs!
Sir Kix a Lot Runs Away with Championship!

Allan Hickman led his team to a victory over Don't Come on my Base despite inclement weather pushing the championship game back to March 17. The final score of 6-2 was indicative of the offensive prowess of Sir Kix a Lot.

A special thanks to World of Beer.

Both teams are looking forward to the Spring 2019 Sunday Funday Kickball season!

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Second Place Trophy

Coed 10s Kickball
Second Place

Don't Come on My Base

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  Sir Kix a lot
9 (1)º 1 0 37 66 29
  Don't Come on My Base
6 2 1 19 60 41
3   MW Ballers 5 4 0 20 63 43
  Rise of the Rejects
4 4 1 13 51 38
5   We've Got The Runs 2 6 0 -16 38 54
  Kickin GrAss
0 9 (1)º 0 -73 20 93
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º Forfeits
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