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Winter 2019 Coed Thursday Basketball

First Place Trophy

Winter 2019 Coed Thursdays

  Ball is Life

Ball is Life Lives Up to Name!
Ball is Life topples Slow and Furious in 2019 Winter Championship!

Ball is Life balled out and put up a whooping 60 points in the Championship and Slow and Furious was just not able to keep up recording only 51 points. Slow and Furious put up a strong defensive front, but Ball is Life managed to find the holes. An exhilarating championship!

A special thank you to Carolina Ale House.

Both teams are looking forward to the Spring 2019 Coed Basketball season.

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Second Place Trophy

Winter 2019 Coed Thursdays
Second Place

Slow and Furious

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  Slow and Furious
8 1 0 172 525 353
2   Ball is Life 6 3 0 45 451 406
3   Hoop & Holla 3 5 0 -35 358 393
4   Upcourt Funk 0 8 0 -182 301 483
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