Kickball 2/2/23 has been cancelled this evening due to poor field conditions.
Kickball Standings

3rd Annual Jingle Balls Kickball Classic

First Place Trophy

3rd Annual Jingle Balls Kickball Classic

  The Naughty List

The Naughty List Wins 3rd Annual Charity Event
4th Seed Team Wins it All

Strategy and solid kickball was the key to success for "The Naughty List" to win over "Jingle Junkies" in the finals for the 3rd Annual Jingle Balls Kickball Classic benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta and The Marine Reserve Toys For Tots Augusta program.
During round robin play "The Naughty List" came in 4th behind the other teams choosing to save their Toy Runs for the playoffs. "Jingle Junkies" used 41 of their toy runs in the semi-final, and "The Naughty list" used 10 toy runs to assist in the win to get them to the finals. Then in the finals "The Naughty List" used their remaining 43 toy runs and "Jingle Junkies" used 40 toy runs. With solid game play from both teams and a 4 run comeback by the "Jingle Junkies" in the bottom of the 7th, "The Naughty List" won 46 to 45 in a squeaker to gain the championship title.
All teams agreed that it was a great event for the holiday season, and plan to participate in Dec 2020. The real winners were RMCH of Augusta and Toys for Tots, with 107 toys, 1 bicycle, and $50 Amazon gift card going to Toys for Tots Augusta.
The 4th annual event has been set for Saturday Dec 12, 2020.

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Second Place Trophy

3rd Annual Jingle Balls Kickball Classic
Second Place

Jingle Junkies

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Third Place Trophy

3rd Annual Jingle Balls Kickball Classic
Third Place

Jingle these balls

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
1   Sweet Baby Jesus Ballers 2 1 1 3 24 21
2   Jingle these balls 2 2 0 -14 38 52
3   The Naughty List 2 2 1 6 67 61
4   Jingle Junkies 2 3 0 5 96 91
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