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Softball Standings

Summer 2021 Mens Wednesday Softball

First Place Trophy

Summer 2021 Mens Wednesday Softball


Titans Win in a High Scoring Battle

Titans take home the Summer Mens Softball Championship in a high scoring battle. They were able to put up 41 RUNS while there opponent put up 31 to end the game with the time expiring. Now that's a lot of offense!

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Second Place Trophy

Summer 2021 Mens Wednesday Softball
Second Place

Ballz Deep

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
1   Titans 7 1 1 48 184 136
2   illegals 6 2 0 47 143 96
3   Chasin' Bases 1 6 1 -44 79 123
4   Ballz Deep 1 6 2 -51 130 181
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